War is not divine; it is humanism playing God

We accuse other cultures of barbaric behaviour when they chop off heads and darkly croon in our beer about the terrible inhumanity of man.

Yet it was only two generations ago that English people subordinated themselves to a killing machine that destroyed tens of thousands of housewives and children of mixed ethnicity in Germany.

Our hypocrisy kicked into gear and we argued, ‘Aah, we had to defend ourselves against a ruthless Dictator’. German hypocrisy also kicked into gear and they too argued they had to defend themselves from an interfering nation.

The rhetorical language of justifiable homicide on both sides is the sound of an ideological language not yet washed and sanctified by the words of Christ. It is the sound of liturgy and doctrines that have been propping up the Church & State apparatus since the day when that diabolical Roman Emperor Constantine claimed his bloody military success was due to the prayers of Christians.

In the coronation language of our first Saxon Kings who surrendered themselves to ceremonies devised by anti-Christian priests intoxicated with the war narrative of the Old Testament served up a liturgy that called on Zadok no less. The absence of the Peacemaker in these ceremonies simply condones the continuation of a barbaric and heathen way of protecting ideology and culture. Post modern language is no different, in spite of its fairy-tale journey through the bohemian wastelands of enlightenment.

In modern terms, idiotic and self-contradictory phrases like ‘defenders of the faith’ used in the coronation of our Queen in June 1953 echoes the same religious mumbojumbo used in the 7th century. It’s what Blair used to justify the death of innocent Iraqi people under the meaningless and abstract banner of ‘defenders of democracy’.

It is abstract because democracy is a fantasy – a notional political system not existing in reality. By killing innocent men women and children in Iraq we demonstrate by our actions that as a nation we are keeping alive the Old Testament portrayal of a God of war. What inflames our national ego today is the influence of cultural and pathological neurosis mixed with dogmas and traditions pushed as truth by churchmen and Statesmen whose minds have readily accepted the hand-me-down image of a Jesus Christ wearing his armour of the Bible.

Christ did not teach us to murder and kill each other. The rubbish we have been taught by deformed spirits over the centuries has turned our nations into deformed political monsters that are civilised from the neck down.

The Old Testament words spoken by primitive men who mistakenly believed God instructed them to break His commandments are used today as a model for both Church and State business. Small wonder that generations of ‘learned’ and ‘scholastic’ men have never quite been able to grasp the difference between good and evil. The history of governance in Church & State affairs in Europe reads like an instruction manual from hell, on how to kill, murder, burn, torture, excommunicate, rape, drown, draw and quarter, guillotine, hang, oppress and generally abuse peasants like donkeys, believer and unbeliever alike.

The 16th century illustration on this page typifies the public perception of God based on everything imagined and on nothing grounded in Jesus Christ his Son.
This picture is a classic personification of the spirit that infuses the ideology, culture & religion of slaughtering people called ‘enemies’ or ‘heretics’ because we deem them to be more evil than ourselves. (Yet in the parable about weeds sown among the wheat Jesus demonstrates it is God’s command that we DO NOT kill people that ‘WE-NATION’ consider to be evil. See the end of this article for an explanation of the picture.)

So when people use words like “Satan likes to use Muslims” our language betrays a deep-seated hypocrisy. If you knew just a little bit of Church & State history, of how Jesus’ teaching, the founder of our Christian culture, has been systematically watered down in ceremonies involving Priests blessing thrones of blood you might question whether centuries of rule by despotic warrior kings and warrior governments have any Christian foundation whatsoever.
Old Testament thinking always wins the philosophical day. This is quite understandable considering the scholastic error of mixing the Old Way with the New Way in one book and calling it ‘the canon’. Whitewash, in the hands of such Old Testament thinking, that Jesus alerted us to, has emerged over the centuries in the form of mythologies about the glory of war and destruction. State religious festivals like “poppy day”, “remember the dead who killed for us Day”, “D-Day – Monument to Death and Destruction Day”, “Remember the old soldier who survived both wars Day” keep alive the war narrative. The Media is good at keeping alive the glory of the relationship between State and War. For example, Harry Patch was one of those 1st World War survivors who was remembered in 2009 and given a huge amount of exposure through the usual press release networks of the main news wires. European statesmen poured out standard eulogies, some with sugar coated innuendo about war being glorious. However, when an ITN anchorman asked Harry if he felt the effort invested by the Allies in World War I was worth the lives that were lost he got a shocking reply, “No, it wasn’t worth one”, he replied. Not surprisingly this remark was not picked up by the mainstream media. Only the New York Times mentioned it – which suggests whitewashing of the type that Jesus particularly found distasteful. The Media always puts a respectable sheen on brutality and barbarism to retain where possible the idea of men butchering the innocent as something patriotic, heroic and, above all therefore, ‘legal’.

God fed us with civilising words from His own lips when He visited us as Jesus and yet we still prefer to drink ourselves silly with the old wine of human & goat sacrifice. Jesus was so exasperated with the way the old wine was consumed that He made every effort to command us to drink the new wine . The toxic mix of both old and new has caused so much confusion in Church & State ideological development that beneath the veneer of sophistication and social goodness, there skulks a double-minded man who with one hand defends the Biblical canon that preserves justifiable homicide as a holy action while with the other nit picks over minor imperfections in the life of a fellow believer or journeyman.

The old wine tastes better than the new wine because it is easier to swallow, a preference that in exasperation Jesus prophesied 2000 years ago would be the fall of many because it is easier to justify temporal hatred and revenge than allow God to judge all in Christ (as Christ said He would). This old wine preserves the old wineskins like unbelief preserves sin, like war/revenge preserves criminality.

The ceremonial washing jars full of water that Jesus ordered the wedding servants to pour into wine represent the old ways of civilisation, and the wine that miraculously came out AFTER he had spoken represents what happens to the old ways after they have been touched by the Spirit of his life-giving word of authority. The old way is transformed into the New Way of thinking, which is ‘the best wine’ kept till last. Read it yourself. It is a prophecy, now fulfilled.

Pontius Pilate washed his hands in the ceremonial washing jars of the old way when he gave in to the political extremism of the day even though he confessed three times that he didn’t want to harm Jesus. Tony Blair gave in to the political extremism of the UK/USA empire – the true rogue state – and has no doubt washed his hands of the death of the hostages and all the people who have died since the barbaric hostilities began. But this washing has no effect, no matter how much oil he thinks he is securing for future generations.

Who do these leaders think they are! Gods? Who gave them the idea they have the authority to decide who should die and who shouldn’t? Where does this demonic institution of vicarious killing come from? What is this spirit that sanctions men to decree that other men participate in the primitive, barbaric and savage taking of life? It’s definitely not Jesus, who is God. What spirit is it then?
Many bishops support this idea and so it must be OK. Well, my friend, it isn’t OK and these ideas do not come from Christ. So, you need to ask yourself the question, ‘where do these ideas come from?’ If they don’t come from Christ, then by what spirit do they come? When you have answered that question, you then need to ask yourself, ‘if these ideas about death and destruction have not come from Christ then by whose authority from heaven do they come?’

When priests and leaders stand up in a nation and pray for their soldiers at war, quoting from men’s scripture to sanctify their hideous ideas, you can be certain that those same scriptures are being used by their enemies. So hideously misgoverned and so hopelessly led by the blind are we, that when we suffocate under the burning rubble of enemy fire you can also be certain that the words we use from scripture (certainly not from Jesus) to proudly announce our justification for war will not be the scripts you use to justify your own death by the hand of those who use the same scripts to justify to themselves the right to murder you!
This moribund Biblical canon has made a large contribution to the way European political elites, ideologues, have made us the ideological thugs and animals we are today. And now we have this terrible hypertechnological killing machine across the Atlantic, a hybrid of our Norman, Saxon, Roman, Germanic way of drinking other people’s blood as in the days of old.
Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Wellington, Napoleon – all presided over the death of the innocent. All men who think that God instructs people to kill His own creation are deceived by Satan, the sworn enemy of Christ.
For those who don’t know Christ personally I strongly recommend you make yourself acquainted with Him and seek Him while He may be found. Read His words. Time is short.

Prayer. I humble myself before you Lord Jesus and ask you to forgive me for all my wrong doing. I ask you to deliver me from my sin and to help me follow you as a disciple for the rest of my days here on Earth. Please teach me from your own life how to live mine. Fill me with your Holy Spirit to empower me to walk as you walked and to continue your work of bringing light, love and truth into a world governed by darkness. Amen.

The picture
The 17th century painting by a woman artist depicts the Jewish story of Judith chopping off Holofernes’ head because he was the enemy of Judaism. Though the narrative does not qualify to be officially recognised as part of the old historical narrative of the Bible because of its authenticity, it nevertheless relates to an important Jewish festival called Chanukah.
Chanukah is a Jewish festival of lights that is celebrated around Christmas time every year by millions of Jews around the world. It has no connection with the celebration of Christ’ birth but is, in spirit, His antithesis. The theme of the celebration is the fight for religious freedom against the tyranny of other people’s religious practices. The fight entails bloodshed, usually avenged bloodshed, and it is interesting how women are portrayed as the slayers.
Women have always supported their warriors. As a collective political force, giving succour to the machinery of war their husbands preserve, the united family represents a type of corporate spiritual oppression. Hitler relied on it.

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