Church and State

Over many centuries military outfits have been murdering people thinking it is divinely approved. Divine it is not. It is pure unadulterated evil. All wars are inspired by a personality that is quintessentially the enemy of a Creator loving God. Period.

Words are more important than you think, especially words that talk about you from eternity. The world as we know it is a construction made entirely out of words. "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away", Jesus.

Citizens collectively destroy other citizens who in turn collectively do the same in return in a never ending circle of meaningless violence

5 Christ v Bible/State

Soldiers rely on the integrity of these 'scientists' 'fact finders' to give them a compelling story for sacrificing their lives for their kinsmen.

4 Christ v Bible/State

Order out of chaos does not automatically mean society is going to be developed around the principle of democracy and the rule of law based on the sovereignty of the public will and conscience.

3 Christ v Bible/State

I believe that all wars throughout the history of human civilisation are entirely pointless and meaningless. Wars de facto produce nothing but bad fruit. Generations of people inherit and experience the hurt, trauma, bitterness of war and pass it on. Damaged lives don’t magically repair, memories linger and deep scars mortally torment the soul. War permanently unsews the fabric of society.