I believe that all wars throughout the history of human civilisation are entirely pointless and meaningless. Wars de facto produce nothing but bad fruit. Generations of people inherit and experience the hurt, trauma, bitterness of war and pass it on. Damaged lives don’t magically repair, memories linger and deep scars mortally torment the soul.
War criminalises the fabric of society.
Every citizen participating in the ‘war effort’ knowingly contributes to a political machine that is going to manage genocide, the carpet bombing of innocent families. The media, the civil servant, the war profiteers, the supporting wife – are all potentially criminals as accessories to the act of aggression. Under the present tax system every tax payer is technically guilty of aiding and abetting the commissioning of hostilities because without a choice on whether or not (conceptually at least) his portion of tax should go towards the War Office his vote at elections is a carte blanche vote for his own incrimination. Guilt is manifested when those who support war either by direct action or by being an accessory decide to physically harm those who they claim to share an identity with do not support the war effort.
The idea of a shared identity, i.e. of a common people owning the land together under a fairly administrated distribution of wealth is a total illusion, a lie from the pit of lies. Land is owned by the few who benefit most from the successful outcome of wars. Citizens are kept in the dark about the few who own most of the land, the few who have collected exorbitant rents for centuries, spawning a privileged class that automatically populates the upper echelons of industrial, military and media institutions. All on the back of selective education in choice private schools their poodle politicians protect. A minority of families enjoy hidden political power in perpetuity because they hold large tracts of land in perpetuity.
A national identity is hardened on the anvil of war, and like all manufactured notions of oneness it wears out during the ‘good times’ because there is no ‘common’ cause to fight for during peace time. Identity is maintained by a media/education system constantly retelling a war narrative that normalises criminality and glorifies mindless destruction of souls.
Pointing at the darker aspects of the UK/US partnerships in military/industrial global enterprises Chris Hedges an American war correspondent talks about how ‘violence has become a form of communication’. This form, I argue, is so deeply rooted in the culture of society, adoring the achievements of its great warriors in ancient times, that a corporeal narcissism emerges in the way tombs, cenotaphs and memorials speak of bloodshed as something noble, beautiful, almost semi-divine. Society has become so deeply entranced by its talk back to itself in the mirror of its violent existence it has created an environment of white washed sepulchres that offer a thin wash of respectability to cover its own deeply violent self. A deeply violent self that is depicted on the back of the new £2 coin where Darwin is infernally absorbed in seeing himself reflected back as an animal.
It is profoundly ignorant even to imagine that God is on the side of one nation against another. God protects the weak by giving them the inheritance of the Earth within the coalescence of two entirely diametrically opposed dimensions of time and space. Colloquially known as Heaven and Earth. While mighty men in mighty machines tread on the weak and helpless the future inheritance of the Earth slips out of their hands.
There is no justice in institutions governed by humanistic principles of fairness, by concepts of power evolved from the life and genome of the ape. Jungle war Mr Blair is never just, nor justifiable. There has never been justice on this planet. It is an illusion like Richard Dawkin’s version of God.
Humans are incapable of executing justice, but God is just. God will mete out justice to every murderous war maker that has ever lived and because time is not linear, Mr Darwin (or is it Dawkin), escape from that terrible justice is always available to those that hear, get up out off their graves and follow Jesus, like Lazarus did.

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