Completely destroy them

Old Testament Devil Worshippers

The idea that the army commanders of Israel were hearing from God when they set out to slaughter their neighbours is based on testimonies of men who were utterly ignorant of the true nature of their Creator.


CIA Operations

Mind Control experimentation during the Vietnam era. In a culture dominated by the military use of unrestrained political power you inevitably get a situation like in Russia and Germany in the 1940’s where citizens become the victims of organised psychopathy and brainwashing. It’s all part of the political toolkit of domestic military intelligence. But what […]

Love the Bible, rubbish Christ

Love the Bible

It is extremely difficult for Christians from different backgrounds and denominations to not see The Bible as anything other than The Word of God. A historical process of affirmation and repetition of it’s canonical status by scholars, priests and theologians over the ages has done the trick of establishing it as a book that can […]

Explanation for ChristVersusBible

The reason for this website is bound up in the two words ‘Christ’ and ‘Bible’. These two words are metaphors for two realities, the individual and society. And the conflicts that arise between the two. In the 1960’s the actor Patrick McGoohan repeated the phrase ‘I am a name, not a number’ in a series […]

It’s the belief that is a lie

Truth versus Lies 3 looks at the choice set before you by your educationalists. It’s necessary to tackle this lie before I interest you in others. The choice is to do with your identity, which is what you protect with great force and persuasion, either as a crowd or as an individual. How you articulate […]

1 The news war industry

The news industry & the purification of militarism & war One of the biggest influences on the way the media outlets shape news is the power of the people behind the money that keeps the media afloat. Like any other commercial venture their survival is dependent on keeping major investors happy, the powerless reader excluded. […]