Why do I focus on Christ?

The purpose of Jesus Christ appearing on the scene when he did was to clarify a universal awareness of the illusion of time. He came to move human consciousness away from focusing narrowly on the physical dimension of life (materialism) toward a spiritual dimension (eternalism) demonstrating with words and deeds that the old ways of […]

Why the name for this website?

The reason for this website is bound up in the two words ‘Christ’ and ‘Bible’. These two words are metaphors for two realities, i.e.the individual and society respectively, and for the conflicts that arise between them. In the 1960’s the actor Patrick McGoohan repeated the phrase ‘I am a name, not a number’ in a […]

4. How banks make money

Why is it that millions of working people are forced to live below socially acceptable living standards while other working people dealing in non-productive gambling in financial markets enjoy excessive life styles? The truth of the matter is that the system used by Government and Banks that keeps most of the commonwealth of the people […]

Christianity and Islam have something in common. The warrior God.

Contradictions galore

Here is another rejection of the idea that Christianity is all about Jesus. It ain’t. It’s cursed by Judaism. To understand why a very dark contradiction of behaviour has been manifested by the great and good in the history of Christianity and Islam it is important to trace it to the human spirit of destruction […]

911 – Clear evidence of an esoteric method of demolition

The question is ‘Where did the towers go?’ Dr Judy Wood goes a long way to answer this perfectly reasonable and rational question. Here is a glimpse of the truth about the insanity of 911 and the scale of institutionalised sin that envelopes an era of Media & Government deception. Since 911 the main news […]