CIA Operations

Mind Control experimentation during the Vietnam era. In a culture dominated by the military use of unrestrained political power you inevitably get a situation like in Russia and Germany in┬áthe 1940’s where citizens become the victims of organised psychopathy and brainwashing. It’s all part of the toolkit of military intelligence.
But what has this got to do with the conflict between Christ and the Bible?
Everything is connected.
The power of the State extends to an executive power over individual lives and the communal life of society at large, over citizens who are born as ‘subjects’ to the authority of State which is defined by both Criminal and Constitutional Law. If the wording of the Constitution refers to a higher authority, such as God, as it does in the British Constitutional Monarchy of political power, then everyone issued with a birth certificate by such a State is indirectly subject to God’s authority within its cultural and traditional understanding of ‘God’.
Define the character and personality of God and you’ll get close to understanding what defines the nature and ethics of political POWER exercised by executives of State who have sworn an oath to serve such a monolith/autocracy.
In this context democracy is just a myth.

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