The Bible is no good for knowing God

Why? Too many contradictions

This website is for those who also have seen the problem of a contrary representation of God in the Bible.

There is a fundamental difference between the Bible as a Bibliography of testimonies and the Bible as one true testimony given by the Son of God. The difference is between the people who gave the testimony. On one side we have a host of people offering their ideas about God through their words and actions over a long period of history before and after Christ. On the other we have Jesus Christ who claimed to have no other witness to himself other than the Father and the Holy Spirit.

The two are as different as chalk and cheese. The testimony given by men and women born in sin is a sinful testimony and the testimony given by Jesus Christ not born in sin is a sinless testimony. Define sin and you will define the fundamental difference between the two.

So fundamental are the differences, i.e. the difference between a sinful portrayal of God and a sinless one, that when combined together in one canonical book they give us a dual picture of God. This does not mean that God has a dual personality as some thought, like Marcion in the early days of Christian thought. On the contrary, the fault concerning the mix up over God’s personality is laid at the feet of the Jews who had the audacity to promote their historical narrative to the world as entirely divinely inspired well before Jesus turned up on the scene to turn it upside down. Jesus turned their world upside down by claiming certain things about their text that did not match His description of God which he based on his relationship as the sinless Son i.e. God incarnate.

By 300AD however, a gaggle of letter writing priests, scholars and bishops had taken the story of Jesus Christ to be an endorsement of the Jewish narrative, which is an ingenuous way of blending sin with sinlessness, of mixing two fundamentally incompatible spiritual influences upon the way we understand God’s character, nature and will. The horrific implication has played itself out in the history of the life of the church, which has involved Priests and Statesmen engaging in, and openly supporting, acts of mind numbing violence while simultaneously serving humanity in acts of compassion and love. This is a history deeply marred by concepts of God that has split the mind of citizen and State. The Bible is entirely responsible for this; for this fundamental dichotomy of portrayal, which makes it the most powerful book on the planet to undermine the work and ministry of Jesus Christ. As such, the canonical authority ascribed to it, is an authority that is anti-Christ. Moreover, because of this contrariness of spirit, between the sinful portrayal and the sinless one, the Bible brings with it a contrary spirit, wherever it is meditated on or used as a text book for understanding God, that both oppresses and releases the hearer. Out of the Jewish narrative a Moslem religion has emerged that has a concept of God fundamentally no different from the Jewish one, which together form an inhospitable spiritual environment for the ministry of Jesus Christ. The Bible is Not Jesus Christ.

This website is for those who have also seen the problem of a contrary representation in the Bible, who have become conscious in their lives of influences inside and out side of the church that have given them a negative picture of God that might otherwise be placated by the sacrificial Christ if He wasn’t implicated with the Bible in this way.

This website is for you to get involved. Its content will be overtly political as well as spiritual. Its owners are committed to promoting the salvation of Jesus Christ in these final days before a major catastrophe sweeps millions into their graves prematurely. Salvation without the millstone of the Old Testament.

Our aims are ambitious, foolish you might say, but we know that Jesus is Lord over everything and that HE means to prepare the way for eternity to become a reality, not by a new catholic regime attempting coercion of beliefs, ideas & doctrines through physical might, but by the presentation of Jesus Christ as the One who can enlighten the soul beyond the ancient stereotypes of the Old Testament warrior and worshipper.

Here’s some suggestions on how you might get involved..

1. By sending us accounts of your experience, whether good or bad, that illustrate the dichotomy between Christ and the Bible.
2. By sharing your thoughts and prayers in video format that empathise with our aims for possible publication in our sister video sharing site currently being prepared.
3. Distribute tracts that clearly show Jesus Christ is not the Bible. i.e. that shows the scriptural differences between the Old Way and The New.
4. Send news, articles, stories, poems, pictures, art, songs, that you feel might add further insights or impressions of how Jesus feels about being retrofitted to texts that are not holy at all.
5. Bring your expertise, experience, specialised interest, academic discipline into the melting pot for discussing the centrality of Jesus Christ as the hope for mankind.
6. Participate in the development of the Christ v Bible website by linking to us through your blog, your internet radio, video or cam presence on the web.

Apology in advance
It is unlikely we will be in a position to enter into a personal dialogue with every individual wanting to express their opposition or support. We are very certain about the purpose of this website and our aim is to link up with like-minded Christians. Our aim is to sow the seeds for a re-focus solely on Christ.