Christ v Bible/State Part 5

This section is about the misuse of knowledge. A group of scientists or technologists in their specialised field may knowingly falsely present or conceal vital knowledge to advance an ideological cause or belief essential for unifying a public against their neighbours, to support a Governments’ military cause driven by a hidden agenda. Soldiers rely on the integrity of these ‘scientists’ ‘fact finders’ to give them a compelling story for sacrificing their lives for their kinsmen. The 911 story is a pertinent example of knowledge being constructed in th8is way.
Reasons for war are manufactured in a closed privy council of State, then elaborated on by a hidden media factory who use the raw components of information fed to them by a hidden conduit within the Military/Corporate Intelligence network, then discussed and voted on by stake holders in a 2nd chamber of Government to produce the solidly reliable, unquestionable reasons for total sacrifice of a largely ill informed public. Does this make fucking sense?
No it doesn’t. Furthermore, as a public guardian against the misuse of power, the role of Parliamentary Representation is hampered by procedure and legal limitations involving a process of working in a ham fisted fashion under the autonomy of hidden figures in Government telling ministers to use the phrase ‘We cannot tell you because of National Security’ which impedes deep penetrating enquiries into what is actually going on behind closed doors in the the labyrinth of State.

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