6 Christ v Bible / State

Citizens collectively destroy other citizens who in turn collectively do the same in return in a never ending circle of meaningless violence

5 Christ v Bible/State

Soldiers rely on the integrity of these ‘scientists’ ‘fact finders’ to give them a compelling story for sacrificing their lives for their kinsmen.

4 Christ v Bible/State

Order out of chaos does not automatically mean society is going to be developed around the principle of democracy and the rule of law based on the sovereignty of the public will and conscience.

2 Christ v Bible/State

Part 2 attempts to show the close relationship between ignorance and fear. How ignorance about the true nature of God found in the OT becomes an instrument of fear and destruction used by Secular Authorities who use God’s characterisation, based on a canon containing atrocious lies, to authenticate as divine institutionalised murder and mayhem.

1 Christ v Bible/State

This video section highlights the ignorance of early church writers who had little grasp of Christ as the sole agency for giving us a true account of the image of God.

Completely destroy them

Old Testament Devil Worshippers

The idea that the army commanders of Israel were hearing from God when they set out to slaughter their neighbours is based on testimonies of men who were utterly ignorant of the true nature of their Creator.