8 Christ v Bible / State

Over many centuries military outfits have been murdering people thinking it is divinely approved. Divine it is not. It is pure unadulterated evil. All wars are inspired by a personality that is quintessentially the enemy of a Creator loving God. Period.

The people who settled in an area we now call Israel/Palestine were tribal warriors who needed a land to settle in. They created a story about their awesome God who would go ahead of them and conquer all the people who got in their way. They had to conquer other God narratives in the region and make sure their neighbours clearly understood THEIR GOD was superior. Hence the creation of mythical STORIES.
This was their main craft. Propaganda and fake stories.
You can get a feel of what their news business was about, from Jesus, who said once to their journalists.
‘You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are. “Woe to you, blind guides!”‘
Conversion means convincing people to believe your story, to win them over so they believe in YOU., trust your story about God.
It is what Jesus was doing as well. Trying to convince those around him that their story was BAD for them and that his story was better.
As a lawyer I would compare the stories in a courtroom and weigh them on the scales of justice and truth.
In the context of their stories influencing human behaviour I would argue that the Jesus story about God would win the case for me against the mytholigical God created by his Jewish ancestors.