Truth blackout, propaganda, lies

What is meant by the term ‘mainstream media’ is understood in different ways depending on whether you are inside or outside of ‘mainstream’. The flow of news through ‘news wires’ that are maintained by a group of people and organisations wholly different in agenda and mission to the people working in the ‘mainstream media’ is a configuration like a massive spider web whereby sanctioned ‘news’ is fed into a network of broadcasters and publishers around the world through subscription to a handful of news wire Syndicates like UPI, Reuters, Associated Press. This means that people are given the same message around the world. What is ‘reported’ about Afghanistan in Brisbane reaches London, Paris, New York, Chicago etc. with the same chronically military bias.

Mass Media is a better term to describe the way news is channelled into our living rooms. The system ensures the mass of information hurtling through the air gives the world public a unified picture of events on the ground regardless whether it is fictional or not. For a better understanding of this I recommend Flat Earth News by Nick Davies. TV is like a system of hypnosis and you suck it all in like blotting paper as if it is reality.

Propaganda, Lies – Pentagon Blackout 1 of 4

Propaganda, Lies – Pentagon Blackout Video 2 of 4

Propaganda, Lies – Pentagon Blackout Video 3 of 4

Propaganda, Lies – Pentagon Blackout Video 4 of 4

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