Thank God for victory!

The following selection from Winston Churchill’s speech given to the House of Commons on the 8th May 1945 was not included in the BBC broadcast. Giving glory to God for the defeat of another nation perhaps would not have been so warmly received by a public who didn’t need God before the War was started by the War Office and who wouldn’t have needed him much afterwards. The Christless public before the War was the same Christless public after.
“I recollect well at the end of the last war, more than a quarter of a century ago, that the House, when it heard the long list of the surrender terms, the armistice terms, which had been imposed upon the Germans, did not feel inclined for debate or business, but desired to offer thanks to Almighty God, to the Great Power which seems to shape and design the fortunes of nations and the destiny of man; and I therefore beg, Sir, with your permission to move:That this House do now attend at the Church of St. Margaret, Westminster, to give humble and reverent thanks to Almighty God for our deliverance from the threat of German domination.”
The Lord Jesus Christ can understand men and nations needing to go to war over the notional value of land not owned by the public but He particularly finds offensive the notion that His spiritual Dad is a god of war who hears the prayers of warrior nations.
Naturally, within the narrow paradigm of an evolutionary timeline, the corporeal approach to the prosecution of war requires the acknowledgement of a god of war to placate the conscience. How else can humans assuage the guilt of genocide without the comfort of having a god of war on their side? The placation of the conscience is amply illustrated in the Old Testament, which is a history of battles won and lost by warriors beseeching God they didn’t know, a God that is an anathema to Christ.
Mr Churchill was probably referring to the OT characterisation of God in his address to the House of Commons. It is highly unlikely he was referring to the Lord Jesus Christ when he invited the House “to offer thanks to Almighty God, to the Great Power which seems to shape and design the fortunes of nations and the destiny of man.”
This picture of the ‘Almighty God’ winning battles is a figment of the British Establishment’s imagination, which is deeply rooted in a history of Bible worship brought to England by the Romans, and a type of worship especially practised by inner circles of Freemasonry and Knighted members of various religious sects who see Jerusalem as a kind of war zone for the protection of the ‘City of God’.
Christians – feed on Christ in your hearts while you have a chance. The OT Bible is misleading.

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