More Textbook Violence

23rd Sept 2010
Mainstream Islam and Christianity have their spiritual roots in the Old Testament where a spirit of violence is portrayed as holy. The bad fruit of this can be seen in the way Christian and Muslim hierarchies throughout history have engaged in combat based on a system of belief that inherently antagonizes the work of the Holy Spirit through and in Jesus Christ, the fast approaching Light of the World.
Many great social achievements have been made by individual believers over the centuries, showing a remarkably different side to God’s character. These however are often overwhelmed and negated by bigger events such as violent revolution, holy crusades and world wars, in which Church/Mosque and State have been intimately involved at a political and military level, showing a different side to God’s character.
ChristvBible highlights this dual personality of Church/State representation of God as one that is profoundly caused by retrofitting Jesus Christ to the wrong spirit.

ChristvBible brings you a report from Pakistan concerning Arshed Masih who was burned alive for refusing to recant his faith. (This is what the barbaric Romans did to Christians in the first century, though not with a localised use of fire but with the full involvement of the citizens of Rome to watch Christians being mutilated by lions as a spectacle to show the power of a ‘shared identity’ with the ideology and ‘religion’ of the secular Roman State.)

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian man, Arshed Masih, died yesterday after Muslims burned him alive for refusing to recant his faith. Additionally, a Muslim policeman raped Masih’s wife.

Masih and his wife, Martha, worked and lived at the house of Sheik Mohammad Sultan, a powerful Muslim businessman in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, since 2005.

Pakistan’s most powerful man, army chef General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani is from the Rawalpindi area and is visiting the U.S. capitol. In January, Muslim religious leaders and Sheik Sultan asked Masih and his family to convert to Islam. Masih and his family refused to convert and informed Sheik Sultan that they were going to quit working for him.

The Sheik became furious and warned Masih that he would kill him if he quit. Masih told his family and friends about the entire incident. Christian leaders tried to persuade the Sheik to let Masih and his family leave his house.

On March 14, Sheik Sultan`s house was robbed. He filed a case of theft of 500,000 Rupees ($ 5,952) against Martha. After taking them for questioning, the police assaulted Masih and raped Martha. Two days later, Sheik Sultan told the couple that he would ask the police to release them if they converted to Islam. The couple refused to recant their faith.

On March 19, Masih was set on fire in front of the police station. At the time, three Muslim religious leaders and three policemen were present at the scene. The perpetrators have not been identified. Masih was taken to the Holy Family Hospital where he received treatment for three days before finally dying today. Masih’s children Mary, 12, Nasir, 10, and Neha, 7, are deeply traumatized after witnessing acts of brutality against their family at the hands of Muslims. ICC’s Regional Manager for South Asia, Jonathan Racho, said “We are outraged and deeply saddened by the murder of Masih and the rape of Martha by the police. As this case clearly indicates, Pakistani Christians are treated as less than animals by the Muslims. We urge the president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zadari, and other high level government officials to bring the perpetrators of the attacks to justice.”

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, president of Pakistan Christian Congress, condemned the killing of Masih and rape of is wife.” Rape of Martha Bibi before her children by Muslim police officials and burning of her husband took place just a few miles from building of the Supreme Court of Pakistan where Muslim jusdges sitting on benches of justice have no sympathy with Christian victims. Perhaps in the eyes of these judges rape of an “infidel woman” is not a crime.

“Please call the Pakistani Embassy in your country and demand of the officials of Pakistan to thoroughly investigate the heinous crime committed against Masih and Martha and bring all the perpetrators to justice.

A list of terror and war on both sides conforming to OLD TESTAMENT stereotypes. On one side the US and UK invasion of sovereign lands, in the name of God ‘Dieu at mon droit’, and on the other, (as below) armed Muslim gangs terrorising individual local Christians.

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