Learn Nothing From History

Los Angeles Times local December 2010
“In December 1944, his prayer was answered. The weather miraculously cleared (it did eventually snow, but the prayer hadn’t mentioned snow), and Patton was able to get his army moving again. When the Germans launched their final attack against Allied Forces, the Battle of the Bulge, Patton swung his men north toward the town of Bastogne, where German forces surrounded American troops from the 1st Army. On Dec. 26, he broke through the German defenses and relieved Bastogne.”

What strikes me about this article is the way it conjured up a strong sense of deja vu. Its initial appeal is a hackneyed view of war. A trumping out of the universal belief that God answers the prayers of murderers. If I was to alter the text a little and replace General Patton with Emperor Constantine, Saar River with Milvian Bridge, it would be like compressing the history of Christianity between two dates that mark one time zone; the time zone of zombies who have never met God, don’t know anything about Him and would not recognise Him when He comes again.

In Eternity there are no bloody battles. Heaven is not interested in the childish wars of self asserting psychopathic tyrants. Hell is the perpetual crash site for people in racing cars who go for a spin in life and at the end crash into God head long. They crash because they drive their unbelief with an uncontrollable, consuming passion for death and destruction. Watch my videos to see who wins the war at the end of time.

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