Thursday, January 29, 2015
  • Truth blackout, propaganda, lies

    What is meant by the term ‘mainstream media’ is understood in different ways depending on whether you are inside or [...]

  • War veteran questions assault on Fallujah

    US soldiers return to their barracks at a military base outside Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004. Photograph: Stefan Zaklin/EPA ——————————- US [...]

  • War is made for questionable reasons

    War correspondents, journalists and editors, who are conscious of the way news is manufactured by people operating the machinery of [...]

  • Masters of the Universe Video

    The reasons given by the official PR of Governments for the involvement of their citizens in war is not always [...]

  • The Bible teacher versus The Teacher

    Here we have another fine example of the curse of the Old Testament upon the living Christ. A Baptist minister [...]

  • The Christian Right

    There is nothing right at all about the concept of a theocracy, a Christian Nation, least of all one that [...]

  • Learn Nothing From History

    Los Angeles Times local December 2010 “In December 1944, his prayer was answered. The weather miraculously cleared (it did eventually [...]

  • The Spirit of Persecution

    The bipolar* tendency of religious fruitcakes is to ‘serve their community’ as welfare workers with one hand while burning, torturing, [...]

  • Not fair on soldiers

    Western Energy Supply Companies like BP, Amoco, Exxon, Unocal and Pennzoil have been involved in major joint ventures in Afghanistan [...]

  • Completely destroy them

    Completely destroy them website tries to reconcile the violence in the Old Testament with the Gospel of Jesus Christ [...]

If you have vague ideas about the meaning of the term ‘political power’ then this video is for you. The [...]

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The reason for this website is bound up in the two words ‘Christ’ and ‘Bible’. These two words are metaphors [...]

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Truth versus Lies 3 looks at the choice set before you by your educationalists. It’s necessary to tackle this lie [...]

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The news industry & the purification of militarism & war One of the biggest influences on the way the media [...]

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Militarism is a disease that needs a doctor. The media is a carrier of this disease.

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The purpose of Jesus Christ appearing on the scene when he did was to clarify a universal awareness of the [...]

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The reason for this website is bound up in the two words ‘Christ’ and ‘Bible’. These two words are metaphors [...]

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Christ v Bible is also about truth versus lies. Why is it that millions of working people are forced to [...]

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Christ v Bible / State Part 7

Part 7 of 7 You’ve heard of the phrase ‘in the fullness of time’ and you might be aware of [...]

Christ v Bible / State Part 6

Part 6 of 7 The spiritual battle in the world is played out in every courtroom, every secret chamber of [...]

Christ v Bible/State Part 5

Part 5 of 7 This section is about the misuse of knowledge. A group of scientists may knowingly falsely present [...]

Christ v Bible/State Part 4

Part 4 of 7 Starting with clips from the over exposed Hitler period this section touches on the connection between [...]

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