The aim of this website is to represent other aspects of the meaning and purpose of Jesus Christ coming into the world when he did. Aspects that have become muddied by the way Jesus is packaged in a book lamely called ‘Holy’ where militarism and genocide is crudely linked with the will of God. If you simply want to send a message without committing to any other action please use the form below.
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The idea that truth exists outside human consciousness as a kind of spiritual light that defies all the physics of time and space, that seeps through all the noise and clatter of competing voices on Earth pointing in opposite directions, is not new. It’s as old as language – the beginning of sin and tyranny. As Jesus stood before a local governor of the Great Roman Empire – Pilate, after having been stripped and physically assaulted for proclaiming the truth, he was asked ‘What is truth?’ The irony here is that Pilate was asking a question that was being answered in front of his eyes by the narrative of the people who dragged Jesus into his palace. The answer is there. In the Gospels. You only have a short life in which to know the truth about rising from the dead. The truth will set you free from every doubt about the purposes of life and of death. Jesus will answer ALL your doubts. What Jesus brings to the table of discourse on nation building, national identity and international relations is not a laundry list of moral imperatives for washing clean the apparatus of political power, though useful. What he brings is a statement of fact that we are helpless in our sin to change the world until that sin is removed. The sin of unbelief. The unbelief that argues life does not exist in any other form other than through the physical experience of birth and death, genesis and decay. The argument used by ye old Sadducee who mocked Jesus. With an argument like this, firmly in place as a truth predicating what is taught in schools, each generation is conditioned to believe in the power of physical force to create heaven on earth, thus preserving the exceptionally tyrannical aspect of a soldier-politician type of government that swept the humanitarian Jesus as quickly as possible to a violent end. Here is one example of follies repeated throughout the history of militarism taken from a fat book ‘Descent into Chaos’ by Ahmed Rashid an expert journalist writing about Islamic and Christian extremism. Here, he is speaking about a warlord in Afghanistan 2002 financed by CIA-Pentagon war strategists hell-bent on providing a military solution to America’s fortunes… ‘Now age 56, with a bush white beard that covered his chest, Khan had been a young Afghan army captain when he led a revolt against the Soviet garrison in Herat in 1979, killing some 50 Soviet officers and their wives while they slept. In retaliation, the Soviets bombed half the city, killing more than 50,00 Heratis.’ 50,000 for 100, the currency of secularism and humanism. You can get involved in this website by contributing to it: 1. By sending us accounts of your experience, whether good or bad, that illustrate the contention between the ideas of Christ and of contrary ideas in the book he is identified with. 2. By sharing your thoughts and prayers in any format, text, video, that empathise with our aims for possible publication in a ministry site currently being prepared. 3. By sending us news, articles, stories, poems, pictures, art, songs, that you feel might add further insights or impressions of how Jesus feels about being retrofitted to texts that are not holy at all. 4. By participating in the development of the Christ v Bible website by linking to us through your blog or website where you promote the relevance and centrality of Jesus’ life in a contemporary context. 5. By registering yourself as a member and becoming a partner with us, with view to getting involved in future programmes of activity. It is unlikely we will be in a position to enter into a personal dialogue with every individual wanting to express their opposition or support. We are very certain about the purpose of this website and our aim is to link up with like-minded people who identify with the theme of Christ’s central role in the salvation of nations.