Troops do not protect our freedom

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Here’s a guy who has the balls to suggest that “In this modern age of information we now know that time and time again our military have been deployed into battle, to kill and be killed, for reasons that in no way shape or form resemble the reasons for which they, or we, were told at the time.”

It sounds like Jesse is one of those soldiers who questions the chain of command. On a battlefield this cognitive skill would be considered by a platoon sergeant to be highly unproductive, if not self-defeating but for many soldiers in war theatres such cognitive ability to question war strategy is not required. What is required is blind trust and blind obedience by men and women willing to serve a Government and its Military Commanders unto death.

In the First World War thousands of very naive misinformed young men from France and England were sent to the trenches to die for ‘their countries’ in a war conceived by insane Generals and their doubly insane Governments who, like the Russians, bristling with armaments they had been busy developing since the wars in the 1870’s – thanks to a new kind of WOMD science, the tank, the machine gun and the aerial bomber – declared war on countries that hadn’t fired a single shot at their citizens in London and Paris. War profiteers gathered their lobbyists, the infighting European aristocracy called upon their subservient news barons and the British Establishment set about the task of radicalising the British working man to hate the Kaiser. In the early twentieth century a new mechanised world captured the imagination of a new global elite of industrialists and to them a world war meant big business. Pushing thousands of British soldiers into the firing line of Kaiser’s men, like pieces in a chess game laced with Brandy, meant little to the upper echelons of a society obsessed with military power and the retention of vast tracks of land.

If Jesse had have broadcasted then what he is broadcasting today, a lynch mob would have despatched him to the gallows. The irony is, Jesse represents the hidden majority who always remain silent when certain sections of society, hypnotised by the media, are transformed into a unified killing machine and who fear for the lives if they object to the war hysteria.

Jesse qualifies as God’s friend. The God who has never incited ‘his’ creation to kill and maim, despite what is recorded in an Old Testament he did not write.

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