Revolution against The Military

World Beyond War

The British Public is particularly ignorant of world affairs thanks to the flow of disinformation provided by the British mainstream media. The devil is in the detail but UK mainstream media likes to gloss over the detail and make out that the world is run by little angels from heaven. The most exasperating example of this kind of bad reporting can be found in the BBC archives where footage used in broadcasts of the 911 incident concentrates on the twin towers. I ask people in my local community about the 3rd tower in 911 and 90% of them look at me with glazed eyes and ask the question, ‘what 3rd tower?’
The American public is also treated to the same disinformation campaign because media news agencies on both sides of the Atlantic are fed by a news wire syndication owned by corporations like Comcast, Viacom, Times Warner, News Corp which are heavily biased by American Israeli interests. We live in a world of information wars because information is critical to shaping public opinion until it is mouldedĀ  to support wars created by people hidden from view.
The news industry is about juggling with a selection of images & details that paint a specific picture out of context which rarely shows reality. News items that serve the cause of a crooked Government will be repeatedly ‘sung’ to the public like a mantra until it becomes embedded in the subconscious as truth. Facts that serve the cause of truth and justice however will be fed on a separate track that is suppressed by the media.
In the case of 911 the news narrative focused on terrorism as the cause of the twin towers collapsing but facts concerning the demolition of the 3rd building on 911, which was the smoking gun pointing to a staged event, are deliberately airbrushed out of public consciousness by the MEDIA. The whole purpose of the news industry is to shape public consciousness and engineer social behaviour so that Governments like the US and UK can engage in warfare that benefits their rich friends knowing the good conscience of the public is behind them all the way. The media is used as a tool of mass hypnosis and the language used is a mantra.

This video is one of Chris Hedges’ talks about the up and coming revolution. The revolution is about the release of hidden knowledge. Knowledge withheld by Governments is generally regarded as State Secrets, protected by sedition and espionage Acts, but the contention is that these secrets are not apropos to public interest but the interest of a wealthy ‘ruling’ class.

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