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Cure for Cancer (Opposed)

This is a documentary that exposes institutionalised sin. Organisations sell and maintain equipment supplied to cancer clinics around the world that use a type of treatment not as effective as Dr Burzynski’s Antineoplastin Therapy. Linked in to the US court system these organisations used every means possible to shut down Dr Burzynski’s successful non-lethal cure for cancer.

This video highlights the ambiguous meaning of the status word ‘professional’. If you want it in DVD format, let me know.


Mark Golding
Mark Golding
Brought up in public house environment and sent to a traditional boarding school. Spent my early years in bedsits in London where I mixed with some rather unsavoury people. Became a drug addict. Experienced a new life and transformation of character surrendering myself to Christ. But never could reconcile the narrative of the Bible with the narrative of Jesus Christ entombed within.

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