The Christian Right

There is nothing right at all about the concept of a theocracy, a Christian Nation, least of all one that declares war, thinking that the head of Christianity, Jesus Christ, is its supreme commander. The American copycat ideology of British Empirical Subjugation of the world is not right either. It is right to propagate the gospel but not as the theocratic lynchpin of a war narrative by national despots and royal aggressors.

The writer of this article in the Sun Times is trying to make sense of the Christian Right’s militarism, not realising that the root of this militarism is in the Bible that came 400 yrs after Jesus unconditionally and without ambiguity said ‘Love your enemies’.

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2 Responses to The Christian Right

  1. Jack Robinson…

    This post is really good to read. Excellent!! Many thanks for sharing, I would like to post it on my Twitter to share to my friends?…

  2. Mark Golding says:

    Thank you Jack. These days I’m not sure who is being honest in their comments. We are surrounded by so many trolls. But I reply to you out of courtesy and say ‘by all means share whatever you think is relevant to your expression of life’.

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