How the Bible started

Many scholarly books have been written about the life of the early church under Roman rule in the centuries leading up to the establishment of the Bible canon. If you need a more serious, detailed and referenced work I suggest

Hurting Christians

From my experience of church life in London and Birmingham, spread over 40 years across several denominations, there is as much conflict within churches as there is in the world. I have seen many people of a nervous, sensitive disposition

Tract for Article “War is not divine”

You can download a Tract version of this article which you can print both sides on an A4 sheet and convert into a little 16 page booklet. Print both sides, fold 3 times, staple and trim. Hand out in street.

War is not divine; it is humanism playing God

We accuse other cultures of barbaric behaviour when they chop off heads and darkly croon in our beer about the terrible inhumanity of man. Yet it was only two generations ago that English people subordinated themselves to a killing machine

The correct word for war – defence

The gradual introduction of new speak into the lexicon of war narratives, of using the word ‘defence’ instead of ‘war office’, as a title for a national militia for example, is a post modern phenomenon. Like most post modern sciences

Can the dead hear God?

One would have to presume that as God is omnipresent and omniscient, barriers between the living and the dead do not exist in the same way as they do for those confined to the dimension of linear time. Jesus Christ

War and Identity

Jesus Christ is the only person in time and space who provides a solution to human identity. Every other avenue of search for identity leads to despair at best and human conflict at worst.